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For the first time, Chad Michael is releasing his secrets gained in the insurance restoration industry over the past two decades. The value you will receive from this program will be unparalleled.

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Chapter #1 The “Code Game”: Using Building Codes to Win the Game


Chapter #2 How To Perform A Proper Damage Inspection


Chapter #3 How to Build a Proper Damage Estimate


Chapter #4 How to Properly Supplement/Invoice a Job


Chapter #5 How to Use Best Methods for Obtaining Approval of Overhead and Profit (O&P)



About Your Instructor

Chad Michael

Chad Michael

Instructor Title

Chad Michael is a damage expert consultant. A true IES Practitioner.

Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Game Changer.

Chad Michael has been a serial, insurance restoration entrepreneur for 20 years.

He spent over 10 years as a specialized insurance restoration general contractor.

Utilizing his experience and skills in insurance general contracting, he went on to start a successful, niche online estimating and consulting business where he services hundreds of other insurance restoration contractors. He built of reputation off of helping contractors WIN.

He is well known by the nickname #ThePractitioner.

Now is your chance to learn from the absolute best in the game.

Says Chad: "Strategy. Consistency. Diligence. Dedication. And most importantly of all, putting in the HARD WORK... that's REQUIRED... to WIN IN THIS GAME!"

Course Chapters

Best Methods for Obtaining Overhead & Profit (O&P) Approval

The "Code Game" (Using Building Codes)

Performing a Proper Damage Inspection

Building a Proper Damage Estimate

Supplementing / Invoicing a Job Properly

Plus Much More!


Chad Michael and Insurance Restoration Training have set me on a new path in life.
Kyle Kostric Project Manager
“After years of working with commercial roofing projects, I have never witnessed someone as advanced as Chad Michael. He turns this industry into a chessboard.”
Allen Kinney Owner/Commercial Roofing Specialist
“Chad Michael is the leader of strategically dominating insurance jobs. He is my go-to source of high level tactical information.”
Drake Gordon General Contractor - Executive Exteriors


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Contracts, Forms, and more...

Thousands of Dollars in Value
Insurance Reconstruction (Basic) + (Detailed) Contract Templates, Letter of Authorization Form, Overhead and Profit (O&P) Opening Statement Template, Example Xactimate Estimates in PDF and ESX for 27 estimate types, and more!

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